Kelowna waterfront development project put on hold

How involved should a city get in the development game? I find myself asking that after writing this story: Mystery donor adds wrinkle to contentious Kelowna development plan.

Essentially the City of Kelowna bought up a bunch of properties between 1988 and 1998 and now want to tear down the houses, turn part of the land into a park and sell the rest off to a developer who will be required to build condos, along with a restaurant and commercial space, according to specifications set by the city.

In order to pay for a park, the city is getting into the land speculation game and acting as a quasi-developer, and one it must be noted, that has an “in” at city hall, where all the zoning and permit approvals are made. There’s no dirty dealings going mind you, every is being done above board, but I think it’s worth asking the question whether this is a role we want our municipal governments taking on.


3 thoughts on “Kelowna waterfront development project put on hold

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