About Me

I’m a betwixt and between journalist living in the Okanagan. It feels like at any moment, either my location or my career -or both- could suddenly be subject to change. Unfortunately, the latest round of CBC cuts has eliminated my associate producer job in the public broadcaster’s Kelowna bureau, and cast me adrift once again in search of my next career move.

I’ve been a journalist for eight years now. The last four were spent at CBC, where I became a radio jack-of-all-trades, working on the Kelowna bureau’s two current affairs shows, Daybreak South and Radio West. Before that I spent over a year as a regular freelance contributor to the Globe and Mail; worked as a local government reporter for a short-lived news website called Kelowna.com; wrote about politics in the B.C. Interior for The Tyee; spent two years as a reporter at the Kelowna Capital News community newspaper, and covered junior hockey for Hockey Now magazine.

Right now I am on the hunt for leads, be they for good stories or good opportunities. If you’ve got one, please send it my way.

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