Kelowna RCMP officer facing multiple excessive force allegations

Turns out Buddy Tavares wasn’t the first person to accuse RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler of taking unnecessary and gratuitous shots during an arrest. In today’s Globe, I wrote about Jeremy Packer who filed a complaint two months ago and found out last week that the officer involved was none other than Const. Mantler.

The police would be wise at this point, if there is any other dirt on this guy yet to be uncovered, they should just come out and say it. Having it come out in dramatic dribs and drabs makes the force look even worse.

Seems like it might be time to acknowledge that cops work under tremendous pressure and are by the nature of their work, constantly on edge and in danger of exploding if they don’t deal with the stress of their jobs in healthy ways. They need to drop the macho BS and acknowledge that they need a lot of support to stay mentally together.


One thought on “Kelowna RCMP officer facing multiple excessive force allegations

  1. I would really love it if the City of Kelowna, or the Mayor of Kelowna and everybody else in that city to keep us in touch with the latest news about this cop’s court cases! I really want to hear as much as possible about what is all happening. I hope to see this cop permenantly fired and get at least a $15 000 fine and minimum sentence in jail. For my opinion, when a government employee breaks the law, especially when he understands the law very clearly, like Cst. Geoff Mantler did, they should get 10 times the penalty then we would.

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