Kelowna drivers failing to heed winter conditions

People never cease to amaze me. Our capacity for obliviousness is amazing. It’s snowing like its Narnia outside and the roads are covered in snow and ice. But for some reason people haven’t adjusted their driving habits yet. It’s time to slow down, or risk ending up as a note in an RCMP press release, like the drivers listed in the one sent out this morning:

November 25, 2010.

RCMP, and emergency crews, responded to 7 reported Motor Vehicle Collisions in just over two hours as a result of icy road conditions.

-7a.m., a Ford SUV lost control on the northbound approach to the bridge near Campbell Rd. The vehicle hit the median no post and rolled over, blocking northbound traffic. Another approaching vehicle lost control trying to avoid the rolled over vehicle, and also struck the median, though the damage did not render it inoperable. The driver of the Ford was taken to KGH with a possible head injury.

-7:14 a.m., a pickup and a small sedan collided on University Way, blocking southbound traffic. One vehicle ended up on the median , the other went into the ditch. Fortunately there were no injuries.

-7:46 a.m., a red colored sedan hit a media approx 200 meters from the Glenrosa overpass on Hwy 97 South in West Kelowna. There were no apparent injuries but the northbound lane was partially blocked.

-8:29 a.m., Ambulance crew comes across a van that had gone off the road on Pondersa Rd, and the front end of the vehicle was in Wood Lake. No apparent injuries.

-8:55 a.m., a black Ford SUV went down an embankment on Adams Rd at Edwards Rd. trapping both occupants inside. No apparent injuries.

-9:13 a.m., a Grey SUV lost control near Peachland, on Hwy 97 south, and struck the center median. No apparent injuries but the vehicle was blocking southbound traffic.

-9:16 a.m., a blue Ford sedan went off road on Oyama Rd. north. Driver complained of a sore neck.

Police are warning motorists to slow down and assume that all roads are icy and unpredictable. As most collisions occurred during the morning commute, please factor in extra time so there is no pressure to rush to work and over drive the road conditions.


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