Liquor bans during music festival upsets Kelowna city council

By Adrian Nieoczym

Did this story for the Globe about a couple of liquor license suspensions in Kelowna that forced the venues to go dry during what amounted to this city’s musical event of the decade. City council was not amused.

Liquor inspectors here have been hitting local bar and restaurant owners harder and harder lately. It seems as if they are trying to deliver a message: there’s no wiggle room. Strictly obey the terms of your particular license or be closed down.

The inspectors are just doing their jobs, albeit with a touch of zealousness. What we need is a wholesale revamping of B.C.’s archaic laws so that they facilitate responsible drinking in a wide range of settings other than traditional bars.  That won’t happen for awhile though, given how our government recently took a puritan turn when it comes to alcohol, and the fact that it’s distracted with other things.


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