Trying my hand at video

One of things I was just starting to do at during my last couple of weeks was writing scripts and doing voice overs for videos. Though they could be somewhat time consuming, I had a lot of fun with them. Working with different mediums gets you thinking in different ways and helps you develop your all around storytelling skills.

Below are links to the videos I worked on. I also want to acknowledge videographer Chris Stanford who did most of the heavy lifting of shooting and editing these stories.

Josie Evans, 15, was walking home from school along as darkness fell along a sidewalk-less road when she was hit and killed by a truck. This video is of a memorial held a month after she died.

Watch Josie Evans remembered with prayer and balloons

In the lead up to the Olympics, several foreign teams came to Kelowna to train for the Games. Here we catch up with some of them see what they think of us.

Watch bringing the Olympic spotlight to Kelowna


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