My last days at

It turns out my final story was about Lunar New Year at a Buddhist temple here in town. Less than an hour after I posted this story on Sunday, my editor walked into the newsroom and surprised me with my Record of Employment and final cheque.

Read Happy Lunar New Year!

As it turned out however, the very last story of mine which ran on was something I actually filed on Friday.

On Thursday I had gone over to the courthouse -as I would do from time to time when faced with a slow news day- to see if any interesting civil cases had recently been filed. I found this somewhat bizarre small claims case where the provincial government is suing the City of Kelowna, along with the regional district and a local water purveyor, to recoup the health care costs it paid to treat a cyclist who hit a hole in the road. Unfortunately I was laid off before I had a chance to follow it up.  I may have to look into this further anyway, as I’d really like to know if the government makes a habit of this sort of thing.

Read Province hauls local governments into court over $2,750 health care tab


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