The Liberals don’t want him but the voters just might

I’m having a great election. Granted the local race is pretty dull, with the B.C. Liberals taking a keep your head down approach in the three Kelowna ridings, but I’ve been doing a lot of writing for The Tyee and it’s political blog The Hook. The Tyee asked me to go down and check in on the race in Boundary-Similkameen, where Joe Cardoso is running. He won the Liberal nomination in the riding but had it taken away when a letter to the editor he wrote in 2005 came to light, where he bad mouth’s the premier for his handling of the teacher’s strike. So now Joe is running for the B.C. Conservatives and could cause Gordon Campbell and the Liberals some problems. This is definitely one of my better stories yet.
Read: The Revenge of Joe Cardoso

Here is a couple of smaller pieces I’ve done for the Hook. I guess I’ve become the resident expert on the B.C. Conservatives (which are not affiliated with the federal Conservatives and are really a fringe party trying to make it off the fringe.)
Chief Phillip declines Conservative debate: ‘I don’t do circus’
BC Conservatives would block land claims, axe carbon tax
Green grabs apples as Okanagan symbol
Conservatives plough fertile ground in BC’s interior


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